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Respectively from old families of champagne wine over 5 generations, Adeline and Joachim BEAUFORT-ARNOULD had experienced the knowledge from their ancestors: producing the champagne from the finest wines. ARNOULD DE BEAUFORT is the name created from a creative pun. The villages called Verzenay, Verzy, Ay, Mareuil sur Ay and Oger are classified as a 100% Grands Crus (Great Vintages). Each bottle of these Great Vintages contains sparkling bubbles. We invite you to discover our passion of producing the champagne from grapes to your flute!Grand Cru : This vintage of high quality is produced only when the year is favourable for good harvests (the champagne made from a 100% Chardonnay at Verzenay village). Grand vintage of “La Montage de Reims” renowned for its Pinot Noir grapes, only on one hill in this village (near the Verzenay mill) supports Chardonnay growing. Our staff works on one of this very special field. This Champagne is considered as the best in our collection because its property is to offer you an extreme cool sensation when you drink it in summer. This Champagne can be served as an aperitif or be accompanied with fish. You will appreciate our Grand Cru!!!! Premier Cru : It is a laborious mixture of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of ‘la Montagne de Reims’, the Champagne of great finesse will accompany you on all occasions. Chardonnay : This high-quality vintage is our new product. This Champagne had been made only from chardonnay picking around a village called “Ogé”. Grand vintage of “Côte des Blancs” is matured in our cellars during several years for its freshness and its taste to reflect the nobility of its soil. It can be served as an aperitif. This champagne will be appreciated by feminine tasting. Rosé : Its lovely and magical amber colour came from the skins of the “Pinot Noir” grapes. It has got a strong aroma and robust enough to awake your senses. It is ideal to drink as an aperitif, and also it can be appreciated with cheese. Panoramic room : We have a panoramic room at the heart of Verzenay. This room can accommodate 50 people. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the Champagne area. It is ideal for organizing events. Simply contact us with your project in advance. It is our great pleasure to send you necessary information, pricing and available dates. Designed by David MUZART.